Please Don’t Ignore Vibrations

2009 May 28
by Chris Brown
Transmission Flange Shattered Due to Vibration

Transmission Flange Shattered Due to Vibration

Yesterday we had a Leopard 43 Catamaran come into the yard.  The owner mentioned his port side had been vibrating for the last 18 months….but it suddenly stopped (tongue in cheek).   A quick check in the engine room revealed the bad news – the transmission coupler on his small Yanmar engine was shattered into pieces along with damage to the transmission seal.  Further investigation into the components showed a bent prop blade and a misalignment.

It is hard to say what started the sequence of events (the vibration was there prior to the propeller event).  Vibrations are a warning sign that components are not working together.  Unusual side loads or rotational loads are forced onto bearings, seals & transmissions and, with time, something is going to give way.

Have a qualified running gear specialist look into any small vibration that you feel.  Sometimes a small adjustment can save a lot down the road and give you a more comfortable ride.

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