2000 Mile Report – Perfect Alignment

2009 July 25
by Chris Brown

Classic '84 Palmer Johnson with a fresh alignment tune-up

This classic 1984, 84′ Palmer Johnson suffered from binding cutlass bearings.   This created vibrations and unusual engine loads.  Once hauled, the problem was apparent when it took full body weight leaning on the props to get the shafts to budge.  Once the shafts were removed, which was needed for cutlass bearing replacement anyway, the optical scope was set up on each side.  The problem was obvious, the bearings in both the intermediate and main struts were out of alignment – a lot.  One of the benefits of the optical scope is the ability to show the Captain and Engineer exactly what is wrong.

All four bearings were “float aligned” into the proper, permanent alignment positions.   The boat was assembled and launched right on schedule and sea trialed shortly after and headed for its annual 2,000 mile summer delivery.   Even before the launch and sea trial the results were apparent – you could now turn the propeller with a single hand.  With a good pull you could spin the prop a half turn – pretty nice for gear this size.

It is always great to hear from customers.  Three weeks after the work was complete, the PJ was back up North.  The Captain called to report the smoothest ride he has felt on the boat in 10 years.  In addition, there was a noticeable and substantial savings in fuel.  Stay tuned. as we might have some hard data to report in a future update.

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