WATER COOLED Cutlass Bearings

2010 January 21
by Chris Brown
Stern Tube Cutlass Bearing Completely Worn

Stern Tube Cutlass Bearing Completely Worn

Here is another case of poor water cooling for a cutlass bearing.  This cutlass bearing came out of the forward end of the stern tube on a 123′ Feadship.  The cooling line that runs to the stuffing box keeps the packing cool and provides water to the two cutlass bearings located in each stern tube.

Unfortunately, the cooling line was blocked closer to the engine and the stuffing box and bearing ran dry for a short period of time.  It does not take long to completely wipe out a cutlass bearing when running dry.

Since the vessel is now in the yard for more extensive service we are removing the running gear from both sides (three shafts per side coupled by SKF Hydraulic muff couplers) and performing a complete engine alignment.

Looks like we will need a few more of the large sleeves for the SKF Muff Couplers (as seen here on a past project).

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