Centax L Centaflex Couplings

2010 September 26
by Chris Brown

Centa series Centax L Coupling

Centa flexible couplings are found on larger vessles that have remote transmissions installed and aligned seperately from the main engines.  This particular vessel, a 130′ Alloy, was hauled out for an extensive dry-dock period.  The props had suffered some grounding damage and it was time for a running gear check.

A typical job for High Seas; shafts out and checked in our on-site machine shop Straight Line Marine, replace cutlass bearings, service the Kobelco Eagle seals (as mentioned in a prior post) and an Optical Scope Alignment check of all bearings and transmission locations.  Both transmissions required a minor alignment to square up to the shaft line.

With remote ZF transmissions the process requires removing the Centax L flexible couplings and adjusting the ZF mounts.  This particular vessel had adjustable mounts which is easier than the typical hard-mounted, chockfast arrangement.

Once the ZF transmission was aligned the engines required an alignment to be within Centa’s specifications for the flexible couplings.

Once everything is aligned the Centa couplings are reinstall paying strict attention to the manufacturer’s torque specification.  It is also important to install the “Links” (left part of the picture above) in the proper direction given the engine rotation.

Optical Scope alignment of ZF transmission with Centa Couplings on the ground

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