Sometimes the Solution is a Simple Engine Alignment

2010 October 7
by Chris Brown
Engine Alignment
Roger working engine mounts during an alignment

We recently got a call from a 90′ Johnson that just finished the seasonal migration from Newport to Fort Lauderdale.  The Captain reported a starboard side vibration that was clearly visible in the engine room as a shaft “wobble” while underway.

A quick check with the dial indicator confirmed the Captain’s report – 0.006″ runout definitely was a problem (the port side was smooth and showed a 0.002″ run-out).  Further investigation indicated the shaft was likely not bent.
A basic in-the-water alignment got the shaft running 0.002″ which is our tolerance for run-out behind the coupler.  The Captain arranged a sea-trial the next day and reported all was smooth and very satisfied.  A problem solved with only a half a day of work and another happy customer. 
At High Seas , we believe in fixing the problem regardless of the size of the job.  We will always consider simple, economical options for our customers that might save the unecessary expense of a haul-out and full shaft job.  In this case, a simple engine alignment was the answer.
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