Wartsila Shaft Seals – Need the Right Tool for the Job

2010 November 3
by Chris Brown

Wartsila Seal for 120 mm ShaftWartsila Shaft SealsWartsila Seals are commonly found on larger “class” (ABS, Lloyds,…) vessels.  Wartsila seals rely on the proper compression to hold the two faces together.  Wartsila designed a specific “tool” that bolts onto the seal flange in four places and compresses the stationary half to the right dimension while remaining perfectly square to the shaft.   If the seal is not compressed properly it will leak.  With the tools holding the seal in the right location it is simple to move the rotating half into position.

The tool comes with each of the Wartsila seals and needs to be kept on the boat in a safe location.  The seals only require adjusting after the shafts have been moved during a haul out and running gear job.  As such, the tool is only needed once every few years.  As you can imagine, that makes it difficult to find when it is needed.

If you have a vessel with a Wartsila Seal look now for the tool.  If you do not have one contact Wartsila or send me an email and I will coordinate getting one shipped out to you.

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