Strut Alignments – big or small, the process is the same

2014 April 11
by Chris Brown

strut2We recently started work on a 120 foot Bennetti yacht re-aligning the struts and straightening the shafts.  We have written about strut alignments in past articles – but these are the heaviest to date weighing in at 1400 lbs each.

Once the struts were removed and cleaned, the re-installation began with prepping the surface to remount strut1the struts.  Once complete using the forklift and come-alongs the struts were put back into place.  In order to ensure exact alignment, we used an optical scope.  Optical Scope Alignments or “Scoping” for short; is the most advanced method for obtaining a perfect marine shaft alignment with struts, shaft logs, engines or v-drives.  Scoping is the latest generation of alignment technology and far more advanced than the old piano wire system and even laser alignments.

strut3To finish the re-installation of the struts, we use CHOCKFAST® ORGANGE to fill the gaps between the strut installation and the hull of the boat.  CHOCKFAST is an engineered epoxy chocking material that is used to cast-in-place permanent machinery supports for all sizes and types of main engines and marine auxiliary equipment. Because it conforms precisely to any surface profile, CHOCKFAST eliminates the machining of foundation and mounting surfaces as well as the fitting of the old-style steel chocks.

CHOCKFAST® Orange is a conveniently pourable, two-component, structural epoxy “chock” that replaces tediously fitted steel shims (or steel chocks) assuring exact contact with machined or un-machined equipment bedplates.

This is the only method to gain an accurate alignment without complicated line boring or other machining processes.  All 1400 lbs were carefully adjusted to get the strut bearing within 0.005” of a perfect alignment.

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