Replacing the Oil Bath Shaft System – Part two

2014 June 2
by Chris Brown

As we mentioned in our previous post, we are in the process of converting a 61 foot Blackwell “Carolina” Sportfish’s shaft system back to its original configuration from an Oil Bath Shaft System.

Sliding the new fiberglass stern tube into the hull prior to scoping

Sliding the new fiberglass stern tube into the hull prior to scoping

The Oil Bath Shaft system is an enclosed, oil lubricated, self-contained shaft and thrust bearing assembly which uses a stainless steel tube that is filled with oil. When we removed the Oil Bath Shaft system from the vessel, the stainless steel tube needed to come out. Once the stainless steel tube was removed, we installed a more traditional fiberglass stern tube. The key to this type of operation is the optical scope alignment. The tube had to be perfectly aligned since there is a cutless bearing at the aft end of the tube.

We use state-of-the-art optical scope technology, laser and reflective optic technology for precision alignments from strut to engine. Optical Scope Alignments or “Scoping” for short; is the most advanced method for obtaining a perfect marine shaft alignment with struts, shaft logs, engines or v-drives.  Scoping is the latest generation of alignment technology and far more advanced than the old piano wire system and even laser alignments.

This process of installing a new fiberglass stern tube is not a common procedure and not many shops perform this type of work. Getting the perfect alignment is the most important step. When you work with a shop that has technicians specially trained in the use of the latest technology along with an innovative approach to problem solving, it helps ensure that the job is done right, every time.

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