Machining new hydraulic rods for a Quantum Stabilizer

2016 March 17
by Chris Brown
Scored rods

Scored rods

A customer walked into our sister company, High Seas Hydraulics with three leaking Quantum Stabilizer cylinders from a 150 foot Trinity motor yacht. Upon close inspection, it was determined that there were fine scores or scratches in the hydraulic rods that were causing the fluid to bypass the seals. These scratches could not be repaired or polished out so new hydraulic rods would need to be installed.

raw materials

Raw materials

That is when our hydraulic teams turned to our machine shop Straight Line Marine. Through our procurement department at High Seas, we were able to source the raw materials needed to fabricate new hydraulic rods within a day.

Finished rod

Finished rod

The Straight Line Marine machinist went to work and crafted new rods to exact specifications including intricate thread machining.

The ability to bring the stabilizer cylinders back to top working order with new hydraulic rods fabricated on-site in our machine shop saved this motor yacht’s owner and captain both time and money and was completed from a one stop company.


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