Proactive Measures Can Help Avoid Big Fixes

2017 March 28
by Chris Brown

When a 126’ San Lorenzo yacht was recently hauled at Lauderdale Marine Center for a number of projects, the captain came to us with vibration concerns with the vessel. Vibration in the running gear can be caused by a number of different issues ranging from bent shafts to misaligned struts or engines to out-of-true props. Our running gear mechanics were dispatched to check out the boat and perform inspections on the various components. We found that the shaft had good run-out, no signs of damage and had recently installed new cutlass bearings, so there was no reason to pull the shafts. We did however, pull the props and sent them out for reconditioning.

The captain of this yacht took proactive measures at the first sign of a potential problem, resulting in a simple fix to a small issue before it became a major job. This yacht should now be ship-shape for future smooth sailing.

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