Our Machine Shop

Part of High Seas Yacht Services commitment to total quality involves our on-site machine shop.  Straight Line Marine is a full service machine shop tooled and dedicated to yachts running gear alignments.  The Straight Line Marine shop is located at Lauderdale Marine Center and services all of High Seas machine shop needs.  In addition, Straight Line offers machine shop service for other
dsc01798companies in the running gear service business including mechanics, prop shops and other service yards.

Straight Line can straighten shafts up to six inches in daimeter.  With two straightening machines the shop can turn around customer requirements on short notice.  A 200 ton press ensures straightening larger shafts within 0.0015″ tolerances.  Our lathe can handle six inch shafts as well for coupler facing, lapping and repiloting.  Lapping large propellers on shafts is a common occurance.

Shaft weldovers are our specialty.  Most shaft scoring, pitting or corrosion can be repaired on our lathe with MIG welding.  Weldover repairs are sometimes needed when upgrading from traditional packing to a seal system such as Tides Seals.

General fabrication including stainless steel welding and machining is also a common service.