How Much Does My Boat Weigh?

53' Custom Catamaran about to be Accurately Weighed

53' Custom Catamaran about to be Accurately Weighed

Understanding the exact weight of your vessel can be an interesting exercise from time-to-time.  In some cases, the vessels performance or speed might be dropping and it is important to understand the current weight.  Most vessel owners are surprised to find out their boat has gained weight over the years and have become somewhat obese.  Adding equipment, excessive ship stores, spare parts and extra “toys” (jet skis, large tenders…) can add up quickly.

If you are considering re-propping the vessel to gain additional speed, fuel economy or overall engine performance it is important to understand the vessel’s current weight.

If you are a racing sailor it may be necessary to weigh your boat for class rating certificates.

Travel lift scales are good for making sure the operator does not go over the lift’s limit but the accuracy can vary widely and often is not very accurate.

High Seas Yacht Service has the load cell scale equipment to weigh vessels up to 200,000 pounds.  In order to weigh a boat it is necessary to haul with a travel lift to place the boat on a scale on hard ground.   Once hauled the process is relatively simple – load cells are placed in the right location and the vessel is lowered until the full weight is on the scale.  A quick look at the scale’s instrument produces instant results.

If you are interested in weighing your boat just give us a call.  We are based at Lauderdale Marine Center with a 75, 100 and 300 ton lift or can travel to another yard of your choice.

Simple Readout in this case 34,000 kilos or 75,000 pounds

Simple Readout in this case 27,000 kilos or 60,000 pounds