Custom Cutlass Bearings

2009 May 3
by Chris Brown

Cutlass bearings come in a variety of sizes to fit different shafts and bores.  However, sometimes we come across an odd requirement.   We are involved with updating a Custom Steel Boat that has a Hundested adjust pitch propeller system.  The system uses a 100mm OD hollow propeller shaft but the boat had a 5.25 inch bore in the exit tube.  Furthermore, the bore was only 8 inches deep and the Hundested rep wanted a full 12 inch bearing.  The exit tube stepped down to a bore of about 5 inches deeper in the shaft log. 

The problem:  Metric 100mm Cutlass bearings do not have an OD for 5.25 inches and we needed to account for the

Custom Cutlass Bearing in Lathe

Custom Cutlass Bearing in Lathe

change in bore to get a full 12″ bearing installed.

The solution:  We used a 100mm x 125mm non-metalic bearing.  The bearing was wrapped in multiple layers of fiberglass and turned down in our machine shop lathe.  The machinist was able to turn the bearing with one bore for 8″ and a step to allow the extra 4″.  A nice snug fit installed with epoxy and set screws was the answer.

In two weeks we will assemble the Hundested (which can be a bit of a puzzle) so stay tuned for more info.

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