Video Alignments

Sometimes you need to get low

Sometimes you need to get low

Watch a video of an alignment in process on a 49 foot EastBay in the Lauderdale Marine Center yard.

As covered in the first technical article on Scoping, our trained technician observes a yacht’s alignment by looking through a surveyor’s scope that is similar to looking into a telescope.  Only one person can look through the scope at one time – and that person needs to understand the process of focusing on each individual target.   At times, the scope might be set up in a less than desirable position for the average person (see picture).   We strongly believe in allowing a yacht’s engineer, captain or representative to see what we see by looking through the scope themselves and understand first-hand our diagnosis and plan.  The current scoping system is limited in use since only one person looks at a time.   While we welcome other people to look through the scope themselves, this can create problems.  Anytime the scope is bumped it needs to be reset.  Also, sometimes people cannot see or understand what we see.

Our dedication to customer involvement and satisfaction lead us to develop a better alignment method.  Video Optical Alignment is a unique development in the marine industry offered only by High Seas Yacht Service.   A customized video system is mounted on the scope and allows the scope view to be put on a laptop or other video screen.   Now a number of people can see the optical scope view at the same time.   This provides a far greater system for showing the alignment diagnosis to a group and explaining the corrective action.   Also, the video can be saved electronically and sent to the customer for better communications.

We believe yacht owners deserve to be hands-on with our projects and Video Scoping is a major step towards better customer communications.