Major Alignment Finished on 111′ Inace

2009 August 24
by Chris Brown
111' Inace Heading for the Water
111′ Inace Heading for the Water

We recently wrapped up a few months of work on this 111′ Inace.  She required a full engine alignment – moving the front mounts as much as an inch.  In addition, the exit tube bearings were out and required a float alignment to get everything in order.   This project was complicated by the presence of a Vulcan spool and vibration dampener that required some servicing and spare parts from Italy.  Our on-site machine shop handled the Vulcan rebuild to ensure that all of the tolerances were within specification.  If you are a few thousandths of an inch off on a 500 pound spool you will get a lot of unnecessary movement in the running gear.

When she first hauled out there were concerns with too much movement at the shaft coupler and the Tides Seal was leaking well before the life expectancy.  For our process, any movement at the coupler is too much movement.
Once the work was completed we went on a mandatory sea trial.  Everything was smooth and dry.  Another nice job finished on schedule.

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