Bent Struts

2010 March 11
by Chris Brown

Bent Strut in Machine Shop

Bent struts are obviously an alignment problem.  The only way to correctly fix a bent strut is to remove it from the vessel, straighten out the bend in the machine shop and reset it to the boat using the optical scope alignment process

This strut came out of a 109′ Hargrave.  Apparently she spent some time docked in a slip that did not have much water.  A few hours resting on the prop in very low tides put enough upward pressure on the strut to cause the permanent bend.

Some yards attempt to heat and bend props while still attached to the vessel.  This might work in an emergency to get you to a destination or final work yard.  This is never a good idea for a permanent fix.  You can’t get the bend back in the right place and getting an alignment within 0.010″ with sledge hammers does not work.

Once the strut was reinstalled, shaft straightened and overall alignment completed, a sea trial went perfectly.  Another customer with a smooth boat that is now part of our customer reference list.

Same Strut after a little machine shop work

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