New Generator Mounts Stops Vibration

2010 July 6
by Chris Brown

New vs. Old Generator Mounts

One of our good customers in a 10 year old Oceanfast had a big problem with generator vibrations.  Upon inspection it was clear that the old generator mounts had “pancaked” and lost all of the isolation properties.  (See photo for old vs. newly installed mounts).

After consulting with Tides Marine on new Isoflex Mounts a new engine mount was recommended to fit the application.  The installation was very simple since the Isoflex mount used the exact same bolt pattern – no drilling or other modifications required.  All 8 mounts on two generators were changed in one day keeping labor cost very low.

As soon as the new mounts were installed the crew could not wait to fire up the gennies and run a test.  The initial feedback was excellent; “huge reduction in vibration – maybe 75%” was the subjective comment from the Captain.

The cost of the mounts is very reasonable and labor cost was low.  This is an easy upgrade for your vessel.  If you have mounts that are 10 years old and you are in the area give us a call and we can turn a small job into a big improvement.

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