Introducing the Vibration Analysis Expert — Jim Cornell

2010 October 24
by Chris Brown
Jim Cornell at Home in an Engine Room
Jim Cornell Checking Vibrations on a 120′ Intermarine

Jim Cornell is the founder of Cornell Balancing and truly the best in the business when it comes to analyzing vibrations.   No one can beat his experience – analyzing vibrations since 1963!  Using a combination of sophisticated equipment and 47 years of  ‘feel’ Jim can sort through complex vibrations to find the source.  Vibration on a vessel can come from many sources;  running gear (shafts or props), engine mounts, exhaust, generators, trim tabs, stabilizers or a structural problem is just the short list.

How does he do it?  Here is a quick summary in Jim Cornell’s own words:  “During our sea trial on the 120′ Intermarine I was using a Balmac vibration testing meter to determine the level of vibration in the engine room.  The testing meter can define the amount and predominant frequency of the vibration.  When the vibration is higher than expected, we use the information from the meter to determine the likely source of the vibration energy.  The frequency of the vibration will usually be related to engine, or propeller shaft RPM, and we then can focus on the likely source of this energy.  This meter is usually used in combination with a computerized vibration data collector to establish a more refined record of the vibration.  The computerized data collector supplies a snapshot of the vibration observed, and the Balmac (analog meter) supplies a continuous reading of the vibration for investigation for an extended time.  The Balmac meter also has a strobe light attachment that is sometimes used for a visual inspection of a rotating component.”
 Jim Cornell is a time-tested professional and an expert in his field.   Give me a call if you want to use Cornell Balancing on your  next sea-trial and I would be happy to put you directly in touch with Jim.

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