Another 50′ Tiara Needed More Bearing Support

2011 March 7
by Chris Brown

Another 50′ Tiara came to us with a vibration problem that was diagnosed as shaft whip.   This particular model has too much distance between the strut bearing and the v-drive engine.  This is exactly the same problem encountered and posted on another Tiara last year.

The solution is fairly simple – add another cutlass bearing to the stern tube.  However, this can only be done if the latest alignment technology is used.  Not all struts are aligned perfectly to the stern tube.  You can get away with less-than-perfect strut alignments if there is no bearing in the tube and the engine is aligned properly.  This is seen all the time when a shaft is not going through the center of the stern tube.

With the addition of a cutlass bearing, the alignment is critical.  On this project we did find one of the struts to be out of alignment to the stern tube.  Therefore the strut had to come down and be realigned properly.  While the Optical Scope system was set up, both v-drive engines got a precision alignment.

Optical Scope Set up with a strut down

Tiara with a Strut Removed

V-drive alignments can be very complex.  With the output coupling under the engine, the adjustment to the engine mounts can be intuitively opposite.  It is very easy to get confused and move further out of alignment.  Fortunately the Optical Scope simplifies the process and gives absolute confirmation when the engine is aligned properly.

Of course, the project was not complete until the customary sea-trial.  All was smooth and the customer was very happy.

The vessel is now for saleand the listing broker is promoting the difference between a High Seas “fixed” Tiara and others still on the market.

If you have a shaking Tiara please give us a call for a free inspection and quote.

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